This cocktail smoke infuser has a solid wood base with a channel in the back to allow the smoke to enter. Initially we were having issues with the smoke only filling half the bottle - as you can see in the photos. The smoke would go in and swirl for a moment then just settle at the bottom. This would be great if we were smoking foods, but we needed the smoke to fill the entire bottle so that it would enter the glass. After more research and experimentation, I designed a custom attachment to allow the smoke to go in and the clean air to escape which allows the entire bottle to fill with smoke. You can see this attachment on the Longbranch model. We had a gold set manufactured for the Longbranch and copper for the Patron.  To take it to the next level, we had the glass on the Patron version created to perfectly replicate their 1.75L bottle. 
The video below shows the smoke infuser with a 3D printed prototype of the hardware insert.
I regularly 3D print prototypes to test fit and function as well as proof of concept. 
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